Beth Lyall-Green
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Moonbee Therapy

“Rest...the world can wait while you give yourself time”


Hi, I'm Beth,  owner of Moonbee Therapy.

I am a Therapeutic, Relaxation Massage Therapist and it is my pleasure to support you!

My passion is to provide emotional healing through physical touch. I am inspired by the amount of strength and growth we can achieve through connection. This is a unique experience which I am excited to provide to my clients!

Offerings include Therapeutic Relaxation Massage,  Heart Harmony Treatment and Crystal Stone Facial.


The Heart Harmony treatment is a crystal and hot stone massage that is designed to ground, release and rebalance the body.

The Crystal Stone Facial is a chakra balancing treatment using heated and chilled stones, combined with anti-aging, lymph drainage, acupressure and European facial techniques.

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