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Hello, my name is Natalie but please call me Nat.

My journey with alternative health and wellness began approximately 2 years ago when I started regular yoga practice and I witnessed the way my body was healing itself.  This initial interest grew and I am now a qualified Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner.  Yoga and reiki have introduced me to some beautiful souls that I am truly privileged to have in my world.


Natsukashii means " some small thing that brings you suddenly, joyously back to fond memories, not with a wishful longing for what has past - but with an appreciation of the good times".

My mission is to offer a place of total comfort, relaxation and peace that allows you the opportunity to drift off to another time where there is no stress, no worries & no concerns and therefore giving the body time to heal itself!

My vision is, one client at a time, to create a world where we all can see the beauty and magic that is all around us.

Namaste  xx

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