Brooke Chiller
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Brooke is an enthusiastic Naturopath, Massage therapist and Yogi that believes the key to living a great life is balancing the body, mind and spirit. 


Brooke graduated from the Southern School Of Natural Therapies with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). She is a registered practitioner under Naturopaths and Herbalists Association Australia (NHAA).


Brooke enjoys working with her patients to help them regain their health. This involves incorporating what she believes to be the most positive treatment for each individual person. This may include herbal medicine, nutritional advice and education, flower essences, homeopathics or general wellness assistance. She works hard to fully understand each personality of her clients and how to best motivate them in getting back to feeling great, this may be super slow for some whilst others jump right in. The key to changing many ingrained life patterns is having someone support you along the way. Brooke enjoys watching people along the journey to re-establishing optimal health.


Such things you may want to see Brooke for include: feeling lethargic, sleeping problems, women’s reproductive imbalances such as PMS, infertility, menopausal changes; detox plans, digestive issues such as bloating, reflux or weight gain; or just a general chat about how you can optimise your health to feeling even better than you already do! 

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