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The Heart Space, A Gateway to the Infinite Heart

A Peaceful Space in which you can Connect Deeply with your Higher Self,

Harmonised Space to Provide Healing and Rejuvenation,

The Perfect Space to Share your Knowledge and Gifts with Others.


Our event area, the 'Heart Space' holds approximately 15 yoga mats (possibly 1 or 2 more depending on the movement required in your class) and would host a considerable amount more for a workshop or similar event. We have facilities for refreshments, fold up chairs for workshops, blankets, cushions, yoga mats and bolsters. Some of these items are complimentary and others are available as additional extras.

If you are interested in our current Events, please email and we will add you to our Events Mailing List. We also use Instagram and Facebook to advertise our Special Events, so follow us via @surfcoastwellnessrooms.

To enquire about hiring our space, please email