Gemma Dawkins
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“Working with the mind and body to connect to this deeper part of ourselves is at the core of everything that GLD Space offers as a service”


Hey! I’m Gemma and I’m the face behind GLD Space.


Having worked in the field of Psychology for over 10 years, I knew there was something more to supporting clients than focusing just on the mind.


As a performance athlete, I was very aware of the power of the body, as well as the mental and physical elements involved in performance.


What I came to experience the hard way was the devastating consequences of pushing one against the other, with little or no room for any emotional or spiritual aspect to be seen, heard or felt.


So as my journey goes, all that personal and professional experience and knowledge lead me to here, to the creation of GLD Space, an abbreviation for ‘Give Love Deeply’.


Working with the mind and body to connect to this deeper part of ourselves is at the core of everything that GLD Space offers as a service and I am delighted to be taking up space and joining the team at Surfcoast Wellness Rooms.


What is it that Gemma does?


Gemma currently offers 1-to-1 mind-body balance sessions. These sessions offer you a space to disconnect from your mind, drop into your body to access greater awareness, support realignment & reduce stress of your nervous system.


Using a combination of Psychology, Mind-Body practices and Kinesiology with a dash of our woo woo tricks, the session meets you where you are at in regards to your mental, physical, spiritual & energetic wellbeing.


The intention of the sessions are not only to work with any imbalances that you may have, but also to connect you at a much deeper level, so that you can feel empowered going forward.


As you enter the space for a session you are giving love deeply to yourself. The session is an experience. It’s experiencing what it truly feels like to invest 100% into you, something that we aren’t often good at doing.


When asking clients to describe their experience after a session, they find it hard to find the words. The reason for this is because it takes you away from the logical, analytic part of your mind and into the gestalt, fostering a greater connection with the body so that we can create a space for both to rebalance and realign.•


So if your feeling a little imbalanced, or just curious to learn more about yourself & looking for a way to give love deeply to yourself book in with us at Surfcoast wellness rooms this Monday or Wednesday.


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