Jacintha Field
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Jacintha is a Certified level 3A Reiki practitioner, Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach and Meditation Teacher certified by 1 Giant Mind.


She has a deep passion to work with clients to support their health goals through Reiki, Integrative Nutrition, Meditation, Ayurveda, Pranayama, Mantra, Breath-work, Intuitive Healing and alternate avenues of self-healing. She a firm believer in bio-individuality - one person’s path works for one but not for another - so she individualises a path that is right for you. Jacintha is an advocate for consciousness. She is deeply passionate about conscious parenting and educating parents on the need for kids wellness:: Our babies need us.


Jacintha works on the whole person through energetic work, self-love and Reiki to initiate intense personal growth. She is a firm believer that every human being has the answers already so she works with clients internal light to encourage them to live their truth. She is passionate about helping people find inner peace. It is her firm belief that a lot of healing is emotion-based, so she gets to the root of their issues. 


Jacintha’s journey in the spiritual realm started 20 years ago through art therapy and meditation.  She has a deep commitment to her own practice completing the followings certifications/courses in deep healing:


  • 12 month Master Mentorship gaining knowledge on Pranayama Mantra, Kundalini Kriya, Meditation, sacred Philosophy and Tantric Practices / The Light Collective 

  • Energetic Body Master Training - Awakening the Chakras / The Light Collective

  • The Soulful Master Training / The Light Collective

  • Women’s workshop / Tantra is Love

  • The Awakening Series / Tantra is Love

  • Sexuality workshop / Tantra is Love

  • Relationship workshop / Tantra is Love

  • Essence of Ayurveda Nutrition Course / Vital Veda 

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