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Let’s go beyond your fears, beyond your trauma, deep within, where only love can be found.


Introducing Lyndsay Wright  Mystic and Counsellor. 

Lyndsay works with people in the sacred space of Presence or loving awareness. As an empath, dedicated to the spiritual path of awakening, Lyndsay specialises in serving others on their journey to awareness and peace beyond the mind, emotions and body, beyond fear. Awakening from the delusion of the ego and into the mystical, joyful way of being as an ‘awakened soul’. We all have our paths to walk and Lyndsay is here as your compassionate guide on your journey.


20 years on the Spiritual Path as a mystic and 13 years of those as a Professional Counsellor, Lyndsay was propelled into grief and anxiety after her dad died suddenly. Lyndsay felt lost for many years after, searching for happiness and belonging, walking the path alone she met many teachers, fears, triggers, strange experiences, healers and mystics that helped her back home to herself, back to love. 


Lyndsay values love, compassion and truth, what she calls the universal intelligence or consciousness. All Lyndsay's work focuses on her training with Eckhart Tolle in Advanced Presence Practices.


Lyndsay offers her clients a mix of Counselling, Medical Intuition, Meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time-line Therapy, past-life work, inner child work, soul retrieval, shadow work, energy medicine, embodied presence.


 Over the years Lyndsay has created and run many Sister Circles, Soul Bathing Workshops, Meditation Circles, Spiritual Mentorship Classes, Retreats and now has a 12-week online multimedia Program ‘The Spiritual Path to Awakening’, where people can learn to let go of their pain, fear, trauma and past conditioning and ‘awaken’ to JOY and their highest purpose.


Please feel very welcome to make your appointment with Lyndsay, and let her walk you home.


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