COVID-19: A Note From Surfcoast Wellness Rooms

The health of the planet and of the communities we serve are our top priority at a all times.

With the news around the coronavirus COVID-19), we want to communicate our actions and how we will do our part to keep you healthy, as is our intention every day.

Our centre takes the safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees very seriously. Cleanliness is the utmost importance to us. Our daily cleaning procedures are very comprehensive, however given the situation we are increasing our processes to take further preventative measures throughout our spaces. We are educating and retraining our staff on recommendations provided by the CDC. We are also asking all staff and customers to stay at home if they are feeling even slightly unwell and to please practise self isolating until all symptoms are completely cleared.

We are closely monitoring the situation by following updates on COVID-19, including guidance from the Centres of Disease control and prevention (CDC), World Health Organisation and local health officials. We will continue to take the necessary actions to help protect the community.

What can you do?

As a community, we are all in this together. Be sure to practice good hygiene, washing hands frequently and using a hand sanitizer when you can't wash your hands. Cover your nose and mouth if you have to sneeze or cough.

Stay at home if you are sick, and self isolate until all symptoms have cleared completely. This doesn't mean that you have to cut off from everybody, call or FaceTime friends and family. Stay connected! Even if you are well, practice social distancing until this passes (and it will pass!). Get out into nature, where there is an abundance of space to distance from others. Venture out for a walk along the beach or in amongst the trees to stay connected to nature. Try to get outside every day, sunshine and fresh air are great for boosting immunity! Use this valuable time to reflect, practice self care and do all of the things you haven't had time to do (write a list and work through it)! If you feel panic or fear arising, quieten the mind, and reframe your thoughts. What does the opposite of the stories you have running through your mind look look like? Slow down your breath and breathe deeply, you will instantly feel calmer. Do this whenever you become aware of fearful/negativ thoughts.

Thank you for doing your part and taking these small actions that make a big difference!

PLEASE KNOW, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! If you are healthy and not at risk, please come in for an infrared sauna, private salt therapy session or float session. These are all great ways to de-stress, calm the mind, strengthen the immune system and stay connected and grounded. The power of community is paramount in times like this. We encourage you to support the local businesses that are taking necessary precautions.

We look forward to welcoming you in to our space soon! With Love & Gratitude, The Team at Surfcoast Wellness Rooms x


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