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"The Inspiration You Seek Is Already Within You, Be Silent And Listen."



My name is Bianca.

I recently purchased the wellness rooms as I truly believe the lifestyles of many are making a lot of us emotionally, physically, and mentally imbalanced and unable to experience the best of ourselves. Prioritising time to rest and reconnect with our essential self, each other and our planet is what I believe will bring us back into balance and harmony on a local and global level.


I left the corporate world after holding senior-level roles over the last decade and have spent the last two years prioritising my self-care through yoga, meditation, time in nature, and quality time with my daughter (15) and our dog Rosie. 


I am inspired to provide alternative and complementary options for a healthier and clearer self.

"Heal yourself, heal the world" is the message I am most passionate about putting out there

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